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Social networks are designed for information to quickly move from member to member, so campaigns that lean on these capabilities perform to their best. Social Networking can be an effective part of any marketing program, but it must be used correctly. First and foremost, any marketing campaign or activity should match with a business objective, regardless of the tools being used.
Members in social networks like to communicate with each other, or self-express.  Give people time to understand personal details and become friends. As with a face to face networking event, not everyone will be a connection, nor will everyone wish to do business. Over time, as people read posts and learn more, they will be attracted to the business or person posting and seek to do business together. And in the long run, that leads to more profitable, long lasting, and better business contacts.

Social Networks have become very attractive these days as consumers are connecting with other consumers and the trust factor tends to be higher. As a result, campaigns should satisfy these needs with the appropriate tools. Marketing campaigns on social networks, those that are promoted from other locations such as (corporate websites, email newsletter, blogs, podcasts) outside of the social network have a great chance for success.


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