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Many local businesses struggle to find ways to promote themselves, get links, rank in search engines, and ultimately drive traffic to their websites. Most small businesses also have limited budgets making the task more difficult. Many small business owners wonder – do I need a brand? They may say “I’m not huge and don’t have that many clients, so I don’t need one.” But every business should have a brand, even if you are a one person company. Why? In order for consumers to make a purchase, they need to feel an emotional trust in your product or service. “Your brand can be your business’ most important asset. A strong brand can make any business stand out from the crowd.

Online local business branding sites are providing such an open space market where you can find/buy the products with less efforts and time. Associating your business or brand with local activities is a great way to show the community that you care about them and that they should care about you as well. “Websites are becoming increasingly important for many businesses to reach new customers and keep existing ones. Therefore, having a brand that works online is essential. Potential customers make emotional buying decisions based on website design and imagery. Larger companies will have specific brand guidelines that their web designers will need to incorporate, which dictate style, colors and fonts, and how and where the logo can be positioned. And Small businesses will often need to start developing their brand from scratch, including designing a logo. “A professional is needed to do that and make certain you are safe from any confusion of an already existing brand. How to become branded is what we do. We look forward to hearing from you.

Few important guidelines that many high-converting local business websites follow:

  1. Make it clear that you operate in your local area so that local visitors know they’ve come to the right place. Referring to your location within your website content may also help to boost your ranking in search engines.
  2. Your website content should take the form of a sales letter designed to generate an action (i.e. an enquiry) from your visitors. A good phrase to start with is, “Are you looking for a [what you do] in [your location]?” E.g. are you looking for a personal trainer in Perth? Then go on to explain the benefits of doing business with you.
  3. Bear in mind that when people search online, they’re probably comparing 3 or more websites just like yours. So be sure to explain how you’re different and give plenty of reasons why customers should choose you and not your competitors.
  4. Provide a clear “call to action”, or instruction about what to do next. e.g. “Fill in the form below for a same-day response.” Our results show that most website enquiries come via an online contact form as opposed to the telephone, so make sure your contact form is easy to find and use.
  5. Just like in a Yellow Pages ad, do everything you can to enhance and communicate the credibility of your business Online.

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